Copy Cat Fortune Slots

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, cats are usually asleep and hunting. It's not just the cats who come out to play. They also start cooking up a lot of extra rounds. When you play this new slot, you'll be able to stack symbols and get many free games.

Copy Cat Fortune is a modern online slot game with great graphics, smooth animations, and a good soundtrack. There are neon lights, a city, and a full moon in the background of the main story. People have a lot of fun on the 25-payline gameboard. Copy Cat Fortune has a lot of risks, which means that rewards aren't prevalent but very valuable. Because there's a $50,000 top prize and three bonus rounds, it's worth the wait. The bonus rounds in Copy Cat Fortune are exciting because one of them lets you pick your compensation and get up to 200 free games or bigger prizes and more paylines. Other than that, one is triggered by stacking symbols on Reel 1.

It comes with a game called Copy Cat Fortune.

The Mystery Stacks start:

Randomly sparked

Each reel has a stack of mystery places filled with a game symbol when the reels spin.

The Wild and the Moon Bonus Symbol can all be mystery-layered.

To make a reel copy, you need to press a button.

In both the Base Game and the Free Game, the Reel Copy Feature is activated when any matching symbols are found on reel 1. This happens both times.

When two or more stacked symbols appear on the same reel, a match will be made. Then, the wins are figured out and paid out.

There is no way to change how much you bet on this bonus.

Free games start:

As many Moon Bonus symbols show up on a pay line in the game, 5, 6, or 8 Free Games are given out.

If several pay lines have winning combinations of Moon Bonus symbols, the free games are added together to get up to 200 Free Games.

If ten or more Free Games are given, there are two ways to go:

- There are always free games.

50 Lines of Free Games

If you get 30 or more Free Games, there are four options you can choose from:

- There are always free games.

50 Lines of Free Games

- Great Free Games

- A lot of free games.

**Regularly free games are given out.

- Free games will be played with the option chosen, and that option can't be changed.

When there are Regular Free Games and other Free Games, the Regular Free Games are played first.

During the Free Games, the Reel Copy Feature comes up more often.

After each round of Free Games, a banner will reveal how much money was won.

- The Free Games are played at the bet of the spin that triggered them. The chance can't be changed.

If no more Free Games are left, or the maximum payment is reached, the Free Games will end.

If you want to play free games with 50 lines, this feature is for you:

Play the closest possible number of 1/2 of the Free Games with 50 fixed pay lines.

If there are any free games leftover, they will be played as regular free games.

**Super Free Games:**

Play the closest possible number of the 1/3rd of the free games you were given, with all winnings multiplied by 3.

There are 25 fixed pay lines.

If there are any free games leftover, they will be played as regular free games.

This feature is called "Mega Free Games." It allows you to play a lot of games for free.

Play 1/5th of the free games you were offered. In this case, the winnings are multiplied by 5.

If any free games remain, they will be played as usual.